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Plastic Urethane Casting (RTV molding)
Myriad of parts, colors, materials
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RTV ( Room Temperature Vulcanizing ) rubber molds fulfill your need for multiple plastic prototypes with superior material properties. RTV molding economically bridges the gap between Rapid Prototyping and hard tooling by providing small quantity ( usually 1 - 50 ) prototypes in one to two weeks at a fraction of the cost of hard tooling, but with most of the properties of production grade materials.

The process begins by generating and finishing an SLA pattern part which is then set in a silicone based liquid rubber. Once the rubber sets, the SLA part is removed by slicing the rubber at a "parting line". The rubber mold is then closed and filled with a Urethane based resin that matches the customer's needs, and performs very similar to the production injection molded part.

Since the process is based on an SLA ( or even CNC ) pattern, RTV molds can have features that are difficult and expensive for other tooling methods. Features such as: Zero draft, Undercuts, Indented features, Complex parting lines, Side pulls, Convoluted channels, Etc.

The extensive selection of Urethane casting materials allows for a variety of aesthetic and functional properties that serve everyone from the lighting industry to the cosmetics industry, including materials that are UL listed, Optcally clear, Highly durable, Heat resistant, and a variety of Colors.

Please contact us with your needs so that we can provide information on a material that fits your project requirements.

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